What is the WirelessReady® Alliance ?

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The WirelessReady® Alliance (WRA) is an industry-leading Alliance aimed at creating market awareness about the possibilities of wireless data technology. Founded by Sierra Wireless, Inc. it unites leading computer hardware manufacturers, software application vendors, wireless telephony companies and value-added enterprise service providers. Through a variety of means, the Alliance works to create compelling end-to-end mobile, wireless data solutions.

  • Who’s in the Alliance?
  • Alliance Charter

What does it mean to be WIRELESS READY ?

Being Wireless Ready is all about understanding the technology and benefits of wireless data technology. It is about recognizing leaders in the industry. It is also about implementing wireless technology to:

  • Allow mobile workers in your organization to be connected to vital information;
  • Leverage existing IT investments and extend the enterprise to mobile workers;
  • Experience productivity enhancements, improved customer relationships and quicker decision-making.

Whatever the state of your readiness, the WirelessReady Alliance is your source to become WirelessReady.Sierra Wireless Privacy Policy