Alliance Charter

Alliance Charter


The WirelessReady™ Alliance was founded in May 1998 by Sierra Wireless, Inc., the leader in wireless data subscriber products.


The program mission is to accelerate the rate of mobile computing adoption through the delivery of complete and compelling wireless data solutions. The WirelessReady™ Alliance is a collaborative program for members, providing a place to come together to collectively work on developing and delivering these types of solutions. It is not a standards-making body or an industry test center, but rather a forum promoting better mobile solutions from within the member base.


The WirelessReady Alliance is an invitation-only membership comprised of leading organizations in the wireless data industry. Membership is based on wireless data expertise, existing partners/customers in the wireless space, commitment to work with the members of the Alliance, and benefits to both your organization and other members. Refer to the member directory section of this site to view a current listing of members.

Member Categories

  • Wireless Device Manufacturers
  • Wireless Middleware, Platform and Application Providers
  • Wireless and Value-Added Service Providers
  • Value-Added Systems Integrators

Member Criteria
Membership is based on:

  • Industry-leading recognition in the wireless industry
  • Wireless data expertise – product/service has been commercially available for more than one year
  • Evaluation of existing partners/customers in the wireless space – backed by customer success stories
  • Commitment to work with other members of the Alliance in solution development
  • Mutual benefits to both the potential member and existing members

Member Requirements

As a WirelessReady™ Alliance member, each company is asked to:

  • Sign an NDA
  • Post WRA logo on your site and provide link to WRA site
  • Submit company profile and logo to be used on WRA site and approval to use in related WRA materials
  • Maintain company profile and contact information current on WRA site
  • Actively participate in WRA activities and solution development with other members
  • Application Providers – involvement in the Developer’s Central Program
  • Wireless Device Manufacturers – involvement in the Interoperability Testing Program
  • Ensure product availability for interoperability testing for solution development, if requested
  • Provide product release and update information to assist with mutual customers’ compatibility issues, if requested

Member Benefits

Joint Marketing

  • On-going promotion through dedicated member web pages, logo and profile listings on the website
  • Opportunity to participate in selected trade show and industry event program initiatives
  • Development and marketing of complete wireless data solutions with industry leaders
  • Opportunity for involvement in joint promotional material, success story, whitepaper development.

Market Education

  • Access to a toolkit of member case studies, presentations and whitepapers on the private members-only website
  • offers consolidated wireless technology and mobile computing information and news for education of customers and employees
  • Introduction to the concept of “wireless value chain” and represents industry-leaders in each category

Market Development

  • Member collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Solution development to target joint customers/markets

Product Interoperability

  • For Wireless Device Manufacturers – involvement in the interoperability testing program to ensure interoperability with Sierra Wireless’ modem products
  • For Wireless Application Providers – access to Sierra Wireless’ Developers’ Central Program providing SDK development tools and community support

Contact Information
Kathleen Gallagher
Manager, Marketing Communications
Sierra Wireless, Inc.
13811 Wireless Way
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6V 3A4
Phone: 604.233.6309
Fax: 604.231.1109
[email protected]

Alliance email:
[email protected]