Rogers Wireless Inc

WirelessReady™ Alliance member since April, 2002.

Company Overview
Rogers Wireless Inc. operates under the co-brand Rogers Wireless and has offices in Canadian cities from coast to coast. Rogers Wireless is Canada’s leading wireless communications service provider, offering a complete range of wireless solutions including Digital PCS, cellular, advanced wireless data services, and one and two-way messaging services to a total of more than 3.4 million customers across the country.

Rogers Wireless head office is located at 600 Maisonneuve Boulevard West in Montreal, Quebec, and the executive offices are located at One Mount Pleasant Road in Toronto, Ontario. The Company also maintains regional offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax.

Rogers Data Communications
In April 1990, Rogers Wireless established a data communications division to develop various solutions for data over wireless applications. The division works with a number of major companies, including hardware manufacturers, to introduce applications that allow wireless access to services such as electronic mail, Datapac and the Internet. In 1989, Rogers Wireless purchased the Mobitex™ packet-switched data network infrastructure from Ericsson Mobile Design AB, Sweden, becoming the sole provider of Mobitex technology in Canada. The Rogers Mobitex network is Canada’s largest public access, packet-switched wireless data communications networks, enabling dedicated and secure data transmission over radio frequencies.

Currently, the Rogers Wireless GSM/GPRS network reaches over 90% of Canada’s population, making it the largest integrated voice and data wireless network in Canada. By mid-2002, the Rogers Wireless GSM/GPRS network will match the Company’s extensive analog coverage reaching 93% of the Canadian population. The Rogers Wireless GSM/GPRS network provides Canadians access to “always on” GPRS wireless packet data service, along with GSM digital voice service.

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