Venturi Wireless

WirelessReady™ Alliance member since June 2003.

Company Overview

Venturi Wireless, the pioneer and leader in wireless network acceleration solutions, enables mobile operators to successfully drive the adoption of wireless data services.

The name Venturi is derived from the scientific Venturi Effect, a process whereby fluids traveling through a narrowing tube are accelerated, resulting in an increase in velocity and a decrease in pressure. Venturi Accelerators have the same effect on data transmitted over wireless networks, dramatically increasing access speed to the end user (velocity) and reducing the overall traffic on the network (decreasing the pressure). The result: The fastest wireless experience available.

Product Offering
The widespread adoption of wireless data services requires speed, and the patented Venturi Wireless solutions deliver the fastest wireless experience available, increasing network speeds up to 5X while dramatically optimizing bandwidth capacity for mobile operators.

Performance – Venturi accelerates wireless network access speeds up to 5X and supports the broadest range of data applications and mobile platforms.

Scalability – Venturi transparently overlays existing networks and interoperates with all network devices, applications and security/VPN infrastructures. Venturi supports rapid linear growth because Venturi Accelerators are easily added as capacity demand increases. Venturi Clients are simple to install and upgrade without centralized intervention.

High Availability – Venturi has proven service uptime, including 2+ successful years at the largest North American wireless carrier with zero service-affecting outages. Venturi offers network-wide load balancing and N+1 failover. VTP (Venturi Transport Protocol), the company’s patented optimization technology, delivers enhanced wireless coverage and performance.

Manageability – Venturi offers a simple three-step initial installation and 100% Web-based system performance management.

Executive Management Team
John Fazio — President and CEO
Patrick Glenn — President of Asia-Pacific
Bob Schoettle — Vice President of Marketing
Randolph Osborne — Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Shirish Sathe — Vice President of Engineering
Sam Shawki — Vice President of Customer Operations

Partners and Customers
Some of the partners and customers achieving a strong return on investment with Venturi Wireless include: Verizon Wireless, Telus Mobility, 02, Motorola, Korea Telecom, China Mobile and DDI Pocket.

Venturi Wireless is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with international sales presence in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.